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The creator/designer/founder of Baby Jade is Tammy Finestone. Tammy hand-makes everything herself from start to finish with passion and love. She loves what she does and it shows. Tammy grew up in the jungles of Vietnam and moved to the U.S. when she was 16 years old. She is half American and half Vietnamese.

She never knew her father as he was an American pilot who was killed in the Vietnam war. She was adopted in Vietnam and grew up under tough conditions. She only knew hard work as that was her life. After coming to America she continued to work hard and began to chase the American dream. She found success as a manicurist opening her first nail salon at age 19.

Tammy married her husband in 2003. Two years later their first baby, Jade, was on the way. One month before baby Jade was born, Tammy, stopped working for the first time in her life and gave up her nail business to be a full time mom. But soon after Jade was born Tammy found herself with idle time. She began to go stir crazy as she didn’t know what to do with her new found free time. So she started to sew. As a child in Vietnam, Tammy grew up very poor. Out of necessity she picked up a needle and taught herself to fix and mend her and her brother’s raggedy clothes from falling apart. Now at home with the new baby, she began sewing her baby new clothes, all by hand. Her husband was shocked when he’d awake in the morning to find a new full length dress that Tammy had made overnight for their baby. It was as if Cinderella and her magical animal friends had paid a visit to their home. Was this even possible? He was amazed at Tammy’s obvious talent, creativity, and the speed in which she worked. He encouraged her to buy her first sewing machine. She did and she quickly found herself drawn to it day and night loving to create new things. She sewed clothes at first and then eventually blankets staying up all night many a night.

As our family and our friend’s families began to grow, Tammy’s handmade blankets became a popular and cherished gift not only for babies, but for kids and adults as well. Everyone loved them. Shopping around Tammy started comparing the texture, quality, size, and price of other blankets for sale, but none compared. So she then decided to start “Baby Jade,” and make this a real business. Tammy loves what she does and is constantly working on new products and designs. She now also makes amazing scarves and shawls. We love our blankets, scarves and all of Tammy’s creative designs and we know you will as well.

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